Tuesday, 6 January 2009

busy day today

My son started back at school today so up early to get him ready, although my daughter doesn't know what a sleep in is.

I went to the hair dresses and had over half my hair cut off but it looks miles better and much easier to manage of a morning now while i'm chasing the kids around trying to get them ready for the day ahead lol.

I have just listed some craft supplies on my shop on misi, i'm trying to cover the cost of my website by selling craft goodies as the jewellery is going a bit slow at the moment. The link to my shop is http://www.lej-jewellery.misi.me.uk/ if anyone is interested :-).

So it's only 2 0 clock and on top of everything else i've even managed to clean the house, i must be wonder woman.

The piccy is one of the pairs of earrings which i made last night whilst watching eastenders. I love fairies and keep finding myself making fairy things. They are tibetan silver fairy charms with pale pink glass pearls and silver plated hooks. I haven't listed them on my website yet as one of the kids have done a runner with my tape measure so i can't measure the drop lol.


  1. I love those faeries! Can I ask, where the charms are from? I've seen them before, but quite expensive.

  2. I got them from a craft fair i think, to be honest they have been in my craft box that long i can't remember.