Thursday, 22 January 2009

more earrings!

Well i managed to get the curtain tie back finished last night, hooray so before i give them to hubby i'll take a picture to show you. They look quite good even if i do say so myself. I have also finished the 18 necklace from an order i'm just hoping the postman brings the other charm i'm waiting on to do the bracelet. Again once i've done it i'll post a picture.

I made some more earrings last night, hubby keeps telling me to open a shop i've got that much stock now but i think i'll go along the jewellery party line.

The earrings are sterling silver and have lovely black beads which have a swirl through them. I quite like these ones but if i kept them all i'd get nowhere lol so they are available on my website sob sob sob sob. I also made a few wrap bracelets which are great as they just wrap around your arm, they don't fasten or lose there shape. I made 4 altogether there pink, blue, green and amber. Again there on my website so take a peek, go on i dare you.

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