Wednesday, 21 January 2009

busy, busy, busy

sorry i've not blogged over the last couple of days i've been mad busy. Firstly we had a leek and couldn't find where it was coming from. It ran from the ceiling in the downstairs toilet, down the walls, under the flooring in the hall (which squelched when you stood on it) into the living room, which made the carpet all soggy.

So in the end we found it, it was a washer on the in flow pipe to the toilet in the en suite (which we never use), this was after we'd ripped the tiles up in the normal bathroom, of course.

So next i had to make some beaded curtain tie backs, my husband knows someone from work who's wife has a handmade curtain shop and she's going to put them in there to see if they sell. I'm going to put some on my website too.

Lastly i have been contacted by someone who i did an order for before christmas and she wants me to make a sterling silver bracelet and necklace for her daughters 18th birthday. I'm really pleased she has asked me to do this for her again. I also had to spend the best part of the day trawling the internet for sterling silver 18 charms lol, but it's all fun.
Pictured is a pair of cute little ladybird earrings i have made.