Friday, 27 March 2009

poorly children

My daughter came down with a temperature 3 days ago which unlike most children when there sick and sleep all the time, my daughter naps through the day and wakes to any sound and doesn't sleep any longer than a hour at a time at night. So needless to say i'm shattered.
My son got a temperature yesterday but was adament he was going to school as he had a school disco afterwards. They both seem ok today so i'm not sure what it was.
I've got my first craft fair on sunday so i'm starting to feel a bit scared. These are a pair of earrings i made last week to take with me.


  1. Hope everyone is feeling better and all the best for your fair! xo

  2. Good luck with your first craft fair, hope you have a successful day.

  3. good luck at the fair, and hope your babies are all well soon.