Saturday, 26 February 2011

bit late i know

I'm not usually on the computer this late as my husband is usually fighting virtual wars on it. Anyway, he is out and my daughter is asleep, my son is watching spongebob on the tele so i thought i'd sneek on for 2 mins :).
I went to the black sheep warehouse in warrington today, it has just had a revamp and the new set out is sooo much better. I ended up with 9 balls of wall and 2 cross stitch kits, just got to find somewhere to put it now lol.

Pictured is a lava necklace i made, i know not alot of people like black jewellery but i love this. I had the earrings to match but they sold at my last craft fair, which was so long ago now i can't remember.
I have been making phone charms too, here are 2 i have done. A kitty one...

and a skull one for the boys.
So i'll sign off for the night as i'll be in the land of nod soon (i'm shattered).


  1. Love the charms...
    I tried to find you on Facebook but no luck - are you still on there?
    Jo aka glaslas on busymitts

  2. Phone charms are fab xxxxxxxxx

  3. yes i'm still on facebook as lejjewellery no space between the words :) or i think you can get to it from the fan box on the left menu on my blog.
    thank you both for the comments :)