Tuesday, 9 November 2010

christmas shopping

I thought this morning i would go to the local shopping centre and get some of the kids stuff from argos while they were in school. Got there. waited in line thinking 'hmm, everyone else had the same idea by the looks of it' so i got to the till and only then did i notice a BIG sign saying the conveyor belt was off today and tomorrow so it may take a bit longer for goods to come up'. It didn't take too long but the woman behind serving everyone was having a right go about how there working there hardest to keep the store open and people are going to be moaning because it's taking so long! really i didn't see anyone moaning just people waiting in line for there stuff!
Anyway i then had to lug a big bag back to the car and have to find somewhere to hide it now lol.
Here are some focals i have made, first is a seashell

Next is a clear focal with blue stripes

And last a ivory pendant with pink swirls.

They are all listed on my website www.lej-jewellery.co.uk and are £3.

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