Sunday, 23 May 2010

how hot is it?

Not that i'm complaining of course, we've only just got rid of the snow!
Anyway i had a lovely day int he garden with the kids yesterday, i'm not one for sitting out in the sun but i did really well and i'm now more than a bit red. Well apart from where i must of rubbed my arms after i had just put the lotion on the kids because i have blotches of white everywhere lol.
So it's my birthday a week on tuesday and my hubby has bought me a lampwork set to start making my own beads yay! I already have a kiln so i'm good to go. I've asked my family if i can have the money for my birthday to put towards lampwork lessons which i have on friday and i'm really looking forwards too.
Pictured is a necklace i made a few weeks ago using grey silver foiled glass beads with silver tone egg shaped beads.

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