Sunday, 3 May 2009

good and bad day

I went to the beads up north fair today, got some lovely beads to make my jewellery for chester races on thursday. I also got some georgous lampwork beads from this lady can't wait to use them. I'll post some piccies when i have made something with them. So that was my good day, my bad day was that i have noticed a big crack in my micro kiln :-( it seems to be getting worse each time i use it. I'm not impressed as i have only had it a week and it cost £125.
These are my latest makes the first is white bullseye glass with purple on top. The colour is alot nicer than it looks in the photo.

The second is purple bullseye glass with dichroic glass which reflects blue and purple.

And i made this one with purple bullseye glass on top of black glass but you can't see the purple. I made it into a ring which is quite large but it looks lovely.


  1. That ring is really beautiful!

    I hope you get your kiln sorted, that must be really annoying, I know I hate it when stuff goes wrong.

  2. Love the middle one. The colours look to really shimmer. Sorry to hear the kiln is a bit wonky though. Hope it can be sorted as painlessly as possible.

  3. I love the purple one. I have quite a few pieces of diochroic glass pendants and often get comments when I wear them.